Data Engineer - Content Delivery Network

Netflix makes up 1/3 of internet traffic, and we're proud to deliver entertainment that over 125 million global customers enjoy. Behind the scenes, Netflix is delivered byOpen Connect, a custom-built content delivery network that connects our content tothousands of ISPsaround the world. Decisions on how to improve streaming performance for our customers and evolve Open Connect's architecture are driven by data. We're looking for someone to transform petabytes of incoming data on video performance and network efficiency into well-designed, high-quality data structures that empower critical decision-making for teams within Netflix. We track every customer action and each byte of data transferred, so you'll work with data at incredible scale and collaborate with best-in-class data engineers and analytic experts. You'll become an authority in the world of video streaming delivery (no prior knowledge necessary, but curiosity to learn is a must), and the projects you'll work on will be truly impactful. In the meantime, learn more about theStreaming Data Engineering team.

What you'll do

    • You ll take ownership and increase automation and scale of complex data sets that drive use cases by our analytical partners such as hardware capacity planning and failure prediction, understanding network topology and forecasting network traffic flow, and monitoring/improving efficiency of deployment and turnover of Netflix-encoded assets to the network.
    • You ll build robust data pipelines of high data quality in a scalable fashion (both data and maintainability).
    • Every video or audio file you stream from Netflix started as a file living on an editor s hard drive and became a Netflix-encoded asset sitting on a server ready to be played. You ll create the data pipelines that will let us quantify and understand that life cycle by merging system activity and customer behavior.
    • We need to process data more quickly than ever to enable rapid experimentation in an increasingly nimble engineering organization. You ll help implement our business logic to be compatible with real-time/stream processing frameworks.

Who you are

    • Have several of the characteristics/skills listed below and have passion and self-drive to quickly learn in areas of less familiarity. We believe the experience in your years is more important than your years of experience.
    • Enjoy a high level of autonomy in managing cross-functional engineering projects. We enjoy a culture of Freedom & Responsibility.
    • Have experience building production data pipelines using one or more frameworks such as Spark, Flink or Hive/Hadoop. Have hands on experience with schema design and data modeling.
    • Have programming proficiency in at least one major language such as Java, Scala or Python. You have a software engineering mindset and strive to write elegant, maintainable code and you're comfortable working in a variety of tech stacks. You may even be a software engineer with a focus or passion for data-driven solutions.
    • Have strong SQL skills and knowledge and familiarity with other distributed data stores such as ElasticSearch or Druid.
    • Have excellent communication in sharing context to effectively collaborate with analytical partners, domain experts and other consumers of your work, preferably in supporting an engineering or product function. We like to collaborate across teams and so should you.
    • Ambitious and willing to take action, but not stubborn. Awareness to recognize when you're wrong and move past your own mistakes. We are humbly confident in ourselves and our work.
Netflix Culture
Our culture is unique, and we live by our values. You will need to be comfortable working in the most agile of environments. Requirements will be vague, and iterations will be rapid. You will need to be nimble and take smart risks. Learn more aboutNetflix s culture.

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