Senior UI Engineer Insight Engineering

The ProblemWe don't just deal with huge scale, we deal with a huge diversity of scale.  We run thousands of applications on tens of thousands of servers.  We serve hundreds of thousands of TV shows and movies to millions of customers on thousands of device families, all of which are evolving daily. And we are just getting started in building our studio technology that drive Netflix originals. The Insight Engineering group at Netflix builds systems providing real-time operational insight to thousands of Netflix engineers, and everyone else who cares about our service. Our UI engineers work directly with their customers and partners to understand their needs and collaboratively build great ways to look at our data and manage our systems. As we continue to grow our product portfolio, we look to increase our ability to push the state of the art in useful, effective, user interfaces and cognitively obvious visualizations, and are looking to hire a UI engineer to join us. This role will initially focus on augmenting Lumen development - our critical self-service dashboarding platform but then grow to focussing on other interfaces within Insight. We're looking for someone who'll help us be great, point out both where we're not, and what we should do about it. We need you to: Understand, and deeply focus on, the real-world benefit your products will have on your customers. Be driven, and bias toward autonomy. You will work directly with your co-workers and customers to figure out what's important and plan accordingly. Have great verbal and written communication skills to engage directly with customers and co-workers. Be experienced writing modern, efficient, modular JavaScript together with CSS and relevant web platform technologies to build complex, data-driven apps. Be proficient with at least one reasonably popular JavaScript framework (e.g. Polymer, React, Angular), as our products leverage them.
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
Not Specified years

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